The Hanging Tree - Jennifer Lawrence | Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Cover | The Voice of Germany 2015 |

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The Voice of Germany - Offiziell

The Voice of Germany - Offiziell

6 yıl önce

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz legt bei The Voice einen starken Auftritt mit dem Song "The Hanging Tree" hin. Ob sie es schafft alle Coaches zu überzeugen?
The Voice of Germany: die neue einzigartige Casting Show, in der nur echte Künstler mit großartiger Stimme gesucht werden, ist wieder da. Immer Donnerstag 20.15 Uhr auf ProSieben und freitags in SAT.1! Ein Hoch auf diese Coaches: Andreas Bourani kämpft jetzt zusammen mit Stefanie Kloß, Rea Garvey, Smudo & Michi Beck um die besten Stimmen bei The Voice of Germany 2015!
Germany’s most successful music TV Show is back! - The Voice of Germany 2015 airs Thursday at 20.15 pm on ProSieben and Friday on SAT.1! New season, new coaches: Andreas Bourani is the new one, now fighting together with Stefanie Kloss, Rea Garvey, Smudo & Michi Beck for the best voice in Germany!
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Heather K
Heather K 3 yıl önce
She absolutely nailed this version of the Hanging Tree, so unique and beautiful. The moments where her voice got deeper and rougher for a second, my heart does flips; she is utterly insanely talented.
nikaTHEseeka Aylar önce
Sadly theu ruined her career
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook Yıl önce
@Grace Johny yep thousand percent
DagobertDuck 3 yıl önce
Why did they take so long her vocals are insane
Le 2 aylar önce
@724moon wHAts wRoNg wItH bEiNg GeRmAn
TheDanishBully 2 aylar önce
@hadjar RouanSerik really? what kind of ass excuse is that. Why do some judges turn around in less than 10 sec then? lmao..
724moon 7 aylar önce
Becaouse they are german
Andrea Proxy
Andrea Proxy Yıl önce
because each judge is listening for something specific that catches their interest with each participant that's why they sometimes either take a while to turn or don't turn at all- they might like the song but if they don't hear that thing they're looking for that catches their attention they don't turn. least that's MY theory.
Natalie Dolak
Natalie Dolak Yıl önce
it’s a staged show
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t 3 yıl önce
I like the fact she hadn’t realised that they all turned around for her until she finished the song and opened her eyes 😋
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t Yıl önce
@PugLover 😂😂😂
PugLover Yıl önce
@m o o n l i g h t LOLLLL 😂 I don’t blame you! You do you!
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t Yıl önce
@PugLover I was a different person two years ago idk
PugLover Yıl önce
why that emoji tho 😂
TheArtGoose 3 yıl önce
Why is everyone quick to judge on the outfit? I think it looks great. And if that’s what she wants to wear, nothings stoping her.
NavySeal2k 9 aylar önce
If Gaga can wear a steak...
Snitch Yıl önce
@FallenAngel same haha
Kalani Saiko
Kalani Saiko Yıl önce
@Hailey N Walton same
Hailey N Walton
Hailey N Walton Yıl önce
I love her Lilo and Stitch jacket
mm 3 yıl önce
outfit? adorable voice? incredible judges? amazing hotel? trivago Edit: why did I write this I hate this meme
Lizie 3 aylar önce
Yuri-!🌱 8 aylar önce
Nicci Bruhs
Nicci Bruhs 9 aylar önce
lou 11 aylar önce
King Quis
King Quis Yıl önce
I’m actually obsessed with this version I was disappointed the original is so slow & depressing she sang it really well, nice rendition I see why she got all 4 chairs
☹︎Zee☻ Aylar önce
The reason the original one is so depressing is because it's supposed to be.
Marcel Bean
Marcel Bean 10 aylar önce
yes and she won the voice germany and is quite successfully here. she is very nice and humble
FebuzxerCh 10 aylar önce
First I'm listening this song from the Hunger game,deep in meaning of that. But this version takes my head over heels. Her voice is strong and unique. They have only way of attractive. love both versions depend on emotional time. (still takes a loop of this clip)
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Yıl önce
not only did she get four turns... she WON THE SHOW
Spacebreaker Aylar önce
Tox City
Tox City 4 aylar önce
Ahh, que voz mas increible
CrazyDaisy Terra
CrazyDaisy Terra 4 yıl önce
Anyone who wears a Stitch jacket and rocks "The Hanging Tree" song is AWESOME in my book.
Calvino Inman
Calvino Inman Aylar önce
Indeed 🙌🙌🙌
Jaden Diaz
Jaden Diaz 2 aylar önce
Absolutely agree.👏🧒👏.
Kalani Saiko
Kalani Saiko Yıl önce
Xypaisb Yıl önce
And cringe
Aurora Michienzi
Aurora Michienzi 2 yıl önce
Alia Sperling-Baines
Alia Sperling-Baines 2 yıl önce
I've watched this a million times and I still get chills whenever she makes her voice go all deep like that.
a friendly poltergeist
a friendly poltergeist 2 yıl önce
I'm straight but if she asked me to be her girlfriend I would say yes
ati ati
ati ati 9 aylar önce
Count me in haha
Finn 11 aylar önce
I'm not straight, and she's a little bit of a reason too xD
Jasmin Isabel
Jasmin Isabel Yıl önce
@a friendly poltergeist oh well that does make sense lol :D
Gwenhwyfer 4 aylar önce
That rilling tone in her voice, now that's talent
Bonnie Wilson
Bonnie Wilson 5 aylar önce
Ever since I first saw this video, I keep coming back to it. Her voice is just WOW!
Shadowsoldier 5 yıl önce
I love her voice and song choice!! She's so good for her age, she's also an amazing person.
Lisa Bolzenius
Lisa Bolzenius 4 yıl önce
Shadowsoldier 1 5t
Wild One
Wild One 5 yıl önce
Shadowsoldier so true ❤
gothiicsims 5 yıl önce
MainForce what she do ?
Peaca Lim
Peaca Lim 5 yıl önce
@Rene Keil why?
Miles Williams
Miles Williams 3 aylar önce
This was crazy probably the best I ever heard on the show
Socially Undead
Socially Undead 2 yıl önce
Hers is the best Hanging Tree cover I've ever heard. She put her own sound into it.
Lizie 3 aylar önce
Essa garota arrasou! 👏👏👏👏👏
Rowdy ReidGirl
Rowdy ReidGirl 6 aylar önce
This girl RULES and slays the competition!!!
michelle grm
michelle grm 5 yıl önce
A n n a
A n n a 4 yıl önce
Jojo XoXo
Jojo XoXo 5 yıl önce
Daniel Sp. yaa
Daniel Sp.
Daniel Sp. 5 yıl önce
She was 17 on this Performance and she Won the Show!
Shannon Ritchie
Shannon Ritchie 5 yıl önce
same she like 13 how just how
MJ 5 yıl önce
Michelle Graimou Yesss and she finally won
paula 17.05
paula 17.05 4 yıl önce
Alter wie kann man seine Stimme nur so gut verändern wow respeckt die hohe zarte gefühlvolle aber auch diese tiefe Starke ich hätte mir gewünscht das sie zu Stephanie gegangen wäre aber sie hat mit der Stimme die Fantasie zum Sieg gebracht wow😀
ReidGirl 77
ReidGirl 77 2 yıl önce
Her rendition floored me literally. I was on my knees in absolute awe. It's the most beautiful rendition of a song I have heard this year.
once_blink melanie
once_blink melanie 3 yıl önce
No matter how many times i listen to this I will always be amazed!! Like damn her voice is just incredible!!! There’s actually no words to describe her voice
Calvino Inman
Calvino Inman 3 aylar önce
She is amazing and I love the hunger games
Michayla Dostalek
Michayla Dostalek 7 aylar önce
This never fails to give me goosebumps, I LOVE IT! I'm so sad her recorded version doesnt include these incredible vocal ranges. :'( What skill and talent, holy frick!
Juliet Coalton
Juliet Coalton 2 yıl önce
She recorded it again for her album, but honestly I wish she had used this arrangement. It's damn powerful
Lukas von Punk ♥️
Lukas von Punk ♥️ 10 aylar önce
Ich liebe ihren Style und dann noch die mega Stimme ♥️
Kekskind 72
Kekskind 72 Yıl önce
Bin eventuell nen bisschen spät..Aber lieb das outfit 😂😂
Meowmix49 Aj
Meowmix49 Aj 9 aylar önce
V!ttu ryyd
V!ttu ryyd 11 aylar önce
@Michael Smith I still don’t get it??
Doreen Dupont
Doreen Dupont 11 aylar önce
@Ben J. same
V!ttu ryyd
V!ttu ryyd Yıl önce
@Michael Smith wat
Agent 00 Na da
Agent 00 Na da Yıl önce
Ich liebe ihre Stimme!
lisaeon 5 yıl önce
0:27 was amazing. Never heard an unexperienced singer use their voice like that, I just wish she would've kept that.. her Eurovision performance lacked so much.
RustyHeartsTOV 3 yıl önce
lol? She just lowered her larynx?!
Saphira Tamaki
Saphira Tamaki 3 yıl önce
The song was so bad for her voice - watch her version of warriors... Its amazing! So much lost potential!
SunnieStudies 4 yıl önce
raspberriedcake Same 😂 It's so amazing I wish my voice was like that
storyteller girl
storyteller girl 4 yıl önce
raspberriedcake same
Lydia Stilinksi
Lydia Stilinksi 4 yıl önce
It didn't "lack so much" in my opinion. I think she did very well and she deserved much more than the 0 points she got. That was just so sad.
ꫝꪮꪀꫀꪗ ꪶꫀꪑꪮꪀ
ꫝꪮꪀꫀꪗ ꪶꫀꪑꪮꪀ 2 yıl önce
Okay so her outfit is adorable, she ROCKED this song, and I *ADORE* how supportive and how excited her family was! Watching those two girls (cousins, sisters, dunno) just burst with excitement over the girl singing was adorable!!
Chase Dennis
Chase Dennis 2 yıl önce
Love her voice
booh kacha
booh kacha Yıl önce
Her voice is really good and beautiful !! This show and the singer are really wonderful 😍
Mariah Lyn Lopez
Mariah Lyn Lopez 3 yıl önce
I like this one equally with the original because they both seem hauntingly similar and different at the same time
MR. NOBODY 4 yıl önce
Das ist kein Talent sondern eine Legende
MR. NOBODY Yıl önce
@Björn Klein doch ...ohh 😉
Björn Klein
Björn Klein Yıl önce
Daniel Sutter
Daniel Sutter Yıl önce
@Dreams love haha 😂
Arthur Messerschmidt
Arthur Messerschmidt Yıl önce
Ja lul
Dreams love
Dreams love Yıl önce
Du bist halt der einzige deutsche Komentar
Lauryn Domingues
Lauryn Domingues 2 yıl önce
Pfttt de mais ela,n da pra parar de ouvir scrr 😍😍😍
kiyoko the weeb
kiyoko the weeb Aylar önce
Who else wants a full version of this
chibiya 4 yıl önce
Hermoso , me encanto ❤❤❤❤❤
iki Awomi
iki Awomi 2 yıl önce
Her own version 🔥🔥 Her dressing sense💯 Her vocals💕
sara rara
sara rara 6 yıl önce
She was soo good Loved her voice
Benjamin hose
Benjamin hose 4 yıl önce
Liljana Ernst
Liljana Ernst 4 yıl önce
And she represent germany at the Eurovision Song contest in 2016
MJ 5 yıl önce
EmiiHatHunger Sie war so gut
Ronny Bommer
Ronny Bommer 5 yıl önce
NO !
Susi Nguyen
Susi Nguyen 5 yıl önce
+Mina Weber michi and smudo (duo)
Lara Campos
Lara Campos 2 yıl önce
Muito perfeita essa versão
UpSideDown Yıl önce
For me, she is better than original. I love it ! Thanks ! 😀
Thomas Sands
Thomas Sands Yıl önce
Hands down the best cover and version of hanging tree out I'd buy the full song
strong thin
strong thin 2 yıl önce
OMG she is singing like a professional singer🖤
Marine 5 yıl önce
The German speak so well English...I'm always impressed. Great voice !
cordelia 4 yıl önce
Marine Can't say the same for everyone
Anna Blanche
Anna Blanche 5 yıl önce
dysFUNctional af idk
elena 5 yıl önce
Marine Thank you😂😂😊
dysFUNctional af
dysFUNctional af 5 yıl önce
Marine English is a Germanic language so it's parallel in many ways
Kevin 5 yıl önce
its literally not that hard for people who already speak a west germanic language (dutch, german) to emulate an american accent when we're singing though
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel Yıl önce
I love this song. And her version is rad!
fiškus 4 yıl önce
her vocal range incredible
Laura 2 yıl önce
I've listened to her sing this song so many times, yet it never gets old. Jamie did this song some serious justice.
Vanessa De la cruz
Vanessa De la cruz 2 yıl önce
Estoy completamente obsesionada con su versión. La Ame
Giulia Picchiotti
Giulia Picchiotti 4 yıl önce
I love all about her : her voice, her attitude ..... and her look is AMAZING !!
Vankata Kisyov
Vankata Kisyov 3 yıl önce
I really enjoy her performance and how one of her friends reacted each time a chair turned. Pure joy!
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy 2 yıl önce
I've never actually seen anyone perform this song before and this was amazing I love this song
Jada de Vries
Jada de Vries 3 yıl önce
0:36 is just soo beautiful. I wish I could sing that great😍
Angela Jia
Angela Jia 4 yıl önce
one of my favorite songs. She sings so well!
Your typical everyday fangirl
Your typical everyday fangirl 5 yıl önce
Get this woman a producer, I would love to see her.
It is Wednesday my dudes
It is Wednesday my dudes 2 yıl önce
A_B Kann schon gut sein, gehört hab ich von ihr trotzdem nichts mehr.
A_B 2 yıl önce
It is Wednesday my dudes sie produziert immernoch.
It is Wednesday my dudes
It is Wednesday my dudes 2 yıl önce
Tamara Ni Sie ist berühmt? Echt? :D Hab zwar mitbekommen, dass sie beim ESC war und Deutschland mal wieder hart verkackt hat und wieder auf dem letzten Platz war, aber danach war da dann Stille. Hab nie wieder was von ihr gehört.
Effie 2 yıl önce
Her song Ghost is beautiful, as many people said. It deserved to win ESC
A_B 3 yıl önce
Tim S. Because the esc became more about politics than singing and talent
Pranathi R Kovvuri
Pranathi R Kovvuri 3 aylar önce
Is is wrong that I like this version better than the original?
LanAnh Do
LanAnh Do Yıl önce
So good, wanna hear her sing the whole song now
Andy 3 yıl önce
I've just discovered this video, WOW!!!! The way she sang that song with her eyes closed throughout takes some doing. And the song itself was sang beautifully. I think I prefer this version than the film version
Nora Moss
Nora Moss 4 yıl önce
This is by far one of my favourite auditions ever
Bianka Grimm
Bianka Grimm 2 yıl önce
A incredible voice❤❤❤❤❤❤
I. B.
I. B. Yıl önce
Einfach Genial! Das Gefühl, wenn man es hört unglaublich!! 😍😍
Loveyour Life
Loveyour Life 4 yıl önce
Such a beautiful Voice!😍
PRANIT_33 X A 2 yıl önce
who all got goosebumps when she started the song
Elle Gordon
Elle Gordon 5 yıl önce
So yeah this had just become my favorite audition of all times... I ALMOST CRY!
Alice Talbot
Alice Talbot 4 yıl önce
Elle Gordon ...
MJ 5 yıl önce
Haunted Dreams MSP Yes she did :)
Russjordan 5 yıl önce
How did u almost cry?
yerro 5 yıl önce
+Funki Cookie She really did??
Caro 5 yıl önce
Yeah, and she wins this😜
Jessy-K Kipirtoglou
Jessy-K Kipirtoglou 2 yıl önce
I don't care about her outfits, I'm just in love with her voice!! That was stunning! 💖👏👏👏👏👏💖
Valeria Sánchez
Valeria Sánchez 3 yıl önce
Beautiful Voice. OMG. Love It 💜
Chase Dennis
Chase Dennis 2 yıl önce
Awesome job!! You look and sound awesome! This is my new favorite version of the song!
Laure 4
Laure 4 4 yıl önce
I love this song and this voice !
Eric Medo
Eric Medo 5 yıl önce
Great personality, lovely voice pitch , high pitch is amazing , Low pitch is soft and touching , lovely style of cloths , prefect
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 4 yıl önce
takeawaytravel the way she behaves, obviously. You don't need a physiologist to figure that one out
takeawaytravel 4 yıl önce
how do you know bout her personality?
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 4 yıl önce
Eric Medo "Prefect" lol
Renata Matulis
Renata Matulis 4 yıl önce
konnoxx 5 yıl önce
i should write that. i felt the same
lps tyna the dragon
lps tyna the dragon 3 yıl önce
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow go girl! She is increadible! I love this version of the song. ❤️
Maya 4 yıl önce
OMG she has such an incredible voice 😍 I wish I could sing like her☺️
Nvie Art
Nvie Art 2 yıl önce
I love her version so much
Jean 2 yıl önce
her voice has so many textures I’m impressed
Hannah Moser
Hannah Moser 3 yıl önce
Still the best audition! And her vibrato 😍
Ali Harris
Ali Harris 2 yıl önce
The second she started singing i got goosebumps all over!! Anyone else??
Norah Schriel
Norah Schriel 3 yıl önce
I need a studio version of this
Daniel 3 yıl önce
Great song with a beautiful voice 😍😍
KYNGA100 5 yıl önce
I love the fact that she sang the whole thing with closed eyes so she could concentrate.. and then, BAM ! THE huge surprise ! Her voice is amazing !!
Luisa O.
Luisa O. 2 yıl önce
Definitely one of my favorite auditions
Ava C
Ava C 3 yıl önce
Beautiful! I love how she kinda added a rock twist to it!
LadyAmalthia15 4 yıl önce
Officially my favorite version of this song ever 😍
Elizabethmaria _
Elizabethmaria _ 4 yıl önce
I have Goosebumps, her voice is magical beautiful
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